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Klimas Narcyz, Itinerari, Guide, Racconti, Tradizioni o Abitudini dei Pellegrini in Terra Santa, in Antonianum 87/1 (2012) p. 93-144.

Summary: Pilgrimages in the Holy Land that include Mount Sion are always of great interest. Taking into consideration this challenge I tr... (More)

Klimas Narcyz, Il Cronologo e il Segretario di Terra Santa, in Antonianum 85/2 (2010) p. 273-288.

Summary: The Author, a Church historian who is the Archivist of the Custody of the Holy Land, researches here the respective roles of the Cronichler and the Secretary... (More)

Klimas Narcyz, Le "Relazioni" dei Custodi nella storiografia della Custodia di Terra Santa, in Antonianum 85/3 (2010) p. 431-449.

Summary: In pre-digital times, before photocopying and carbon paper, communications sent elsewhere did not always leave behind a true cop... (More)

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