Antonianum NewsletterNotizie e attivit&agrave; culturali della Pontificia Universit&agrave; Antonianum volume with all the doctoral theses from 1992 till 2012<img src="" hspace="5" height="110" align="left" /> 12/04/2014 - A volume has just been published with all the doctoral theses that have been presented at our university from 1992 till 2012. A previous publication in 1992 contains the theses which had been published since 1933. After an <a href="" target="_blank">analitic introduction </a> by Fr. Martin <strong> Carbajo Núñez</strong>, Acting Rector Magnificus, the theses are organized by Faculty and by subject. They are also distributed in three different groups: theses ... <br /><a href=""> + info</a>Out-of-Body & Near-Death Experiences: Earthly or Heavenly?<img src="" hspace="5" height="110" align="left" /> 06/05/2014 - Tuesday 6 May 2014, at 5:00 pm, Prof. <strong>Michael Marsh</strong> - Oxford University - will have a public lecture on Out-of-Body & Near-Death Experiences: Earthly or Heavenly? These experiences, which should be distinguished, are taken by many people throughout the world to represent some kind of escape to a heavenly location... <br /><a href=""> + info</a>Twelfth edition of the Convegno di Greccio<img src="" hspace="5" height="110" align="left" /> 09/05/2014 - Friday May 9 to Saturday May 10 2014 at the Oasi Gesù Bambino in Greccio. The topic of this year’s Convegno is Francesco plurale. It is organized by the Centro Culturale Aracoeli, the Franciscan Provinces of SS. Apostoli Pietro e Paolo and S. Bernardino da Siena as well as the Graduate School of Medieval and Franciscan Studies and the Franciscan Institute of Spirituality of the PontificiaUniversità Antonianum... <br /><a href=""> + info</a>Learning History in the City of Rome<img src="" hspace="5" height="110" align="left" /> 10/05/2014 - The final gathering of the Church history program is on Saturday 10 May 2014, starting at 8:30 am, in Room A of the Pontifical University Antonianum. The event is organized by the Franciscan Institute of Spirituality and this academic year (2013-14) is dedicated to Art and Spirituality... <br /><a href=""> + info</a>Thirteenth Gathering of the Centro Italiano di Lullismo (E.W. Platzeck)<img src="" hspace="5" height="110" align="left" /> 16/05/2014 - The event will share the results of the research being done for the canonization of Maiorchino. It will be chaired by Prof. Pietro Messa, director of the Graduate School of Medieval and Franciscan Studies. and Josep Perarnau i Espelt. Prof. <strong>Michela Pereira</strong> will speak on Lull and alchemy: Raimondo Lullo e l’alchimia: un mito tra storiografia e filologia... <br /><a href=""> + info</a>Concordat between the Antonianum and the Scotist Commission<img src="" hspace="5" height="110" align="left" /> 01/04/2014 - An agreement of collaboration was signed by Prof. <strong>Martín Carbajo Núñez</strong>, Acting Rector of the Pontifical University Antonianum and Friar <strong>Josip Percan</strong>, Vice President of the Commission on Tuesday 1 April, 2014 between the Pontifical University Antonianum and the p... <br /><a href=""> + info</a>New tecnologies<img src="" hspace="5" height="110" align="left" /> 02/04/2014 - Over a hundred rectors of leading European universities gathered in Helsinki from April 2 to 5, 2014, for a conference convened by the EUNIS and EUA , to promote the use of new technologies for university level pedagogy. The Conference of Rectors of the Pontifical Universities of Rome (CRUPR) was re... <br /><a href=""> + info</a>Latest Issue of the Antonianum Journal<img src="" hspace="5" height="110" align="left" /> 04/04/2014 - This issues contains Aku <strong>Visala</strong>, Theology and Philosophical Analysis: Analytic Theology?; Daniel <strong>Horan</strong>, Bonavanture’s Theology of Prophecy in the Legenda Major: Sources and Intepretation; Anton <strong>Popovi&#263;</strong>, The Christian Faith as Struggle and as Resurrection; Brian Grim, Rising Restrictions on Religion: Context, Statistics and Implications... <br /><a href=""> + info</a>Study seminar on Bianco da Siena’s Laudi and the Observant poor Clares<img src="" hspace="5" height="110" align="left" /> 10/04/2014 - A study seminar on Bianco da Siena’s Laudi and the Observant poor Clares will be held Thursday 10 April 2014, at 5:00 pm. It is organized by Graduate School of Medieval and Franciscan Studies and the Franciscan Institute of Spirituality in collaboration with the Centro Culturale Aracoeli.The event is held on the occasion of the publication of the critical editon of Bianco da Siena’s Laudi... <br /><a href=""> + info</a>New book: Testimonianza della fede e dialogo tra popoli e religioni<img src="" hspace="5" height="110" align="left" /> 31/03/2014 - The Acta of the Cattedra di Spiritualità e Dialogo Interreligioso "Mons. Luigi <strong>Padovese</strong>" is now in the bookstore. The Acta is on witnessing to faith and interreligious dialogue and is a supplement to number 2-3 (2013) of the journal <em>Italia Francescana</em>. The volume contains presentations given during the conference on faith and dialogue between religion and peoples... <br /><a href=""> + info</a>