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"The Pandemic as a Challenge for Moral Theology in the Social Field."

Alphonsian Academy, 21.02.2022, ore 8:30-10:00

Place: Roma
Date: 21/02/2022
PUA Prof. Martín Carbajo Núñez, OFM will take part at the Round Table discussion organized by the Alphonsian Academy on February 21, 2022, from 8:30 to 10:00 am on the theme: "The pandemic as a challenge for Moral Theology in the social field".
Together with Prof. Carbajo, there will be other two professors: Martín McKeever and Paolo Carlotti. These three speakers have been suggested by the students of the Alfonsianum, who are the promoters of this cultural initiative. Prof. McKeever has been asked to speak on the essentials of social crises and how the current Covid-19 crisis represents a challenge for moral theology. Prof. Carlotti will explain the theme: "The Pandemic as a Challenge for the Moral Education of Young People."

Prof. Carbajo has been asked to speak on how the pandemic unmasks the lack of relationality. inour individualistic society More concretely, the title of his talk will be "Towards a more relational paradigm." He will point out that the Covid-19 pandemic is unmasking the technocratic and individualistic ideology of contemporary culture. As with all major crises in history, we must revisit the philosophical and anthropological bases that caused it. This was done in the 14th century, when the Black Plague was rampant in Europe, and also in the 20th century, after the two World Wars and the Holocaust, by authors such as Martin Buber and Emmanuel Lévinas.

Today we need to ask ourselves what needs to change in our philosophical and anthropological understanding in order to move towards a more relational paradigm. How can we set up a moral theology that takes more account of the fact that "Everything is connected"? Prof. Carbajo will make explicit reference to the dualist anthropology and the human exception thesis that have been dominant in Westen culture.
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Video presentation of the roundtable on "Pandemic as a Challenge for Moral Theology" Feg 21, 2022
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Video Youtube (intervento prof. Carbajo): https://youtu.be/jSn6hjFKQTQ
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Round table video presentation
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