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Publications of Bernardino Bonansea publications (4)

Articles (2)
Bonansea Bernardino, Importanza e attualitÓ della dottrina di Duns Scoto , in Antonianum 60/4 (1985) p. 553-557.

Summary. — In this essay, which took the form of a prolusion to the new academic year at the Pontifical Athena... (More)

Bonansea Bernardino M., Duns Scotus' Concept of Man. A Philosophical-Teologýcal Anthropoýogy , in Antonianum 58/2-3 (1983) p. 263-305.
Reviews (2)
Bonansea Bernardino, Recensione: John Duns Scotus, A Treatise on God as First Principle, tr. and Úd. with commentary by Allan B. Wolter O.F.M. (, in Antonianum 61/1 (1986) p. 188-189.

This is a revised and expanded édition of Duns Scotus' Tractatus de primo principio, with the Latin text and English ... (More)

Bonansea Bernardino, Recensione: Gozzo S.M., Memorie autobiografiche del P. Gabriele M. Allegra OFM, Missionario in Cina, in Antonianum 61/1 (1986) p. 193-196.

Le Memorie autobiografiche, scritte dal P. Allegra negli ultimi anni della sua vita per ordine del Superior... (More)

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