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Contributi dell´autore Bernard Forthomme (5)

Articoli (3)
Forthomme Bernard, Traditions et ruptures, in Antonianum 79/1 (2004) p. 45-77.

Summary : This study integrates the event of rupture in the concept of tradition, before examining in a critical manner the identity vectors of the Order of the Minor... (Continua)

Forthomme Bernard, Traditions et ruptures (2), in Antonianum 79/2 (2004) p. 273-304.

Summary : This second part of our study more thoroughly examines the bond presumed between the critical thought resulting from the Franciscan movement, that looks at ... (Continua)

Forthomme Bernard, Le signe jaloux des stigmates et ses contestations, in Antonianum 78/2 (2003) p. 249-290.

Summary: This critical study examines the main reasons for the hostility manifested to the phenomenon of the stigmata, from its inception to the present day, as well ... (Continua)

Essai (2)
Forthomme Bernard, La redécouverte du concept de volonté, in Antonianum 86/2 (2011) p. 361-382.

Summary: Having engaged with the late emergence of the concept of will in human thought, and further, the emergence of the will as freedom (voluntas id est libertas) ... (Continua)

Forthomme Bernard, Posture verticale et parrèsie. Approche anthropologique, in Antonianum 85/1 (2010) p. 133-160.

Summary: This study is an effort to think together, as it were, the upright posture of the human body, indispensable for the emergence of... (Continua)

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