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Contributi dell´autore Benedykt Huculak (5)

Articoli (5)
Huculak Benedykt, De activa indole maternitatis secundum beatum Ioannem Duns Scotum, in Antonianum 78/4 (2003) p. 615-626.

Summary: This article was written to demonstrate the noteworthy contribution of Blessed John Duns Scotus to clarify the intrinsic mark of... (Continua)

Huculak Benedykt, Quomodo Ioannes Duns Scotus ditaverit theologiam de Trinitate, in Antonianum 77/4 (2002) p. 683-698.

Summary: The topic here proposed can be interesting in itself for the fact that John Duns Scotus, the last great medieval theologian, came quite a while after St. Tho... (Continua)

Huculak Benedykt, De mature augustiniano opere Joannis Duns Scoti, in Antonianum 76/3 (2001) p. 429-478.

Summary: The article is an answer to the reproches moved by some English-speaking theologians against John Duns Scotus. In their opinion ... (Continua)

Huculak Benedykt, De Graeco perito dialogi catholico-orthodoxi, Constantino Meliteniota, in Antonianum 75/2 (2000) p. 235-275.

Summary: The present article seeks to present the archdeacon Meliteniotes, an eminent but little known Greek prelate and theologian of th... (Continua)

Huculak Benedykt, Costituzione della persona divina secondo S. Giovanni Damasceno, in Antonianum 69/2-3 (1994) p. 179-212.

SUMMARY: There are two ways in which the constitution of the divine Persons are more closely defined: the relation of one Person to both ... (Continua)

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