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Foto Malina Artur , Dio Padre secondo Marco. Quadro generale e Paterologia implicita, in Antonianum, 86/1 (2011) p. 29-46 .

Summary: This paper proposes an analysis of the image of God the Father in the Gospel of Mark. An absence of such terms as ≪father≫ or ≪son≫ does not necessarily mean a lack of content referring to God the Father. Therefore, the analysis of the texts which directly name God as Father is not sufficient to discover His image. The teaching on Him can be found in every part of the Gospels: in the words of various protagonists as well as at the narrative level. After the study of the paterological content in the first pericopes (Mk 1:1-13), special attention is given to Jesus’ teaching on eternal life, which can be inherited only from God the Father (Mk 10:17-31), and to the references to the relatives without the mentions of the fathers (Mk 3:35; 10:30).

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