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Foto Pieraccini Paolo , Girolamo Golubovich e la fondazione dell’Archivum Franciscanum Historicum (gennaio 1907- aprile 1908). Parte I, in Antonianum, 86/2 (2011) p. 335-360 .

Summary: On 10 January 1907, the Definitory of the Order of Friars Minor charged Fr. Girolamo Golubovich with composing a plan for a scholarly periodical in the field of Franciscan historical studies, and with taking upon himself the editing of that periodical. The Minister General, Fr. D. Schuler had decided upon this project “to give renewed value to the life of his brethren,” and to counter the theories of Paul Sabatier and his followers. In the event, Golubovich chose to include in the first issue a pro-Sabatier article by his own Confrère Teofilo Domenichelli, on Tommaso da Celano. However, Minister General Sabatier, supported by the censors assigned to the new periodical, U. Hüentermann and L. Oliger, gave orders not to do it. The first issue of that scholarly periodical was much appreciated by scholars in the field. Still this did not prevent disagreements between Golubovich and the other members of the “College of Quaracchi,” and indeed the Minister General himself. Finally, the latter, in the beginning of May 1908, decided to remove Golubovich from the editorship, and to send him away from Florence. This turn of events happened to be a boon for the study of the Franciscan East. From that time on, Golubovich was free to develop his Biblioteca bio-bibliografica della Terra Santa e dell'Oriente Francescano, and to dedicate himself to the third edition of the Annales Minorum of Luke Wadding.

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