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Foto Melone Mary , L’universalitā dell’azione salvifica dello Spirito Santo. Parte II., in Antonianum, 86/3 (2011) p. 451-470 .

Summary: In the twelfth century, the use of SAP 1.7 for the composition of sermons related to the feast of Pentecost introduces new elements of interpretation in the reconstruction of the pneumatological use of the wisdom text, as a result of how the sacred page is read, determined by the doctrine of the spiritual senses. Prevalent is, however, the ecclesiological perspective, particularly favoured by the liturgical context, from which the verse finds its true meaning in describing the relationship between the Spirit and the ecclesial community. The consequence of this is immediately evident: the universality of the action of the Spirit moves to the side of intra-ecclesial and it refers to his work of unification of believers from all the corners of the earth.

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