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Foto HARSÁNYI Pál Ottó , Amministratori o usufruttuari del creato. II. Verso un'etica ambientale cristiana, in Antonianum, 85/1 (2010) p. 45-79 .

Summary: A Christian's relationship with creation is grounded in both the theology of creation and its eschatological fulfilment. The biblical command 'dominium terrae' is a 'shared Lordship', that is, humans collaborating with their Creator. In Saint Paul's letter to the Romans, creation - and not only man - is a reality that awaits its fulfilment and the eschaton. In this fulfilment, humans have a special vocation given by God. The Holy Scriptures affirm that nature, although created good, cannot reach its goal of fulfilment by itself nor can man grant nature to reach it either; rather, man has to contribute to the fulfilment of this ultimate goal set by God on nature. After considering the biblical foundations of ecotheology, the socio-economical aspects will then be reflected on: The 'Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church' dedicates a whole chapter to the complex topic of environmental issues. All scientific and thecnical research and applications have to be evaluated on this basis of both the observance and promotion of human dignity.

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