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Foto Feierman Jay R. , Pedophilia: Its Relationship to the Homosexualities and the Roman Catholic Church. II, in Antonianum, 85/4 (2010) p. 617-649 .

Summary: This is Part II of a two-part article addressing the relationship of pedophilia and the homosexualities to the important issue of sexual advances by roman Catholic priests and religious brothers towards minors, most of whom have been pubescent boys. Part I appeared in the previous issue of Antonianum and should be read first. It addressed the basics of human sexuality, including human sexual (gender and age) orientations. Part II will address the widely held implication that men who are homosexual, especially in the priesthood and religious life, are particularly prone to pedophilia. Is this implication correct? Or is the association better understood as semantic confusion, homophobia, or both? On these and some other issues related to harm reduction and prevention, the concluding Part II of this article aims to present the "best knowledge" among professionals today, including the author's own work, as his contribution to the ongoing discussion.

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