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Foto Oviedo Lluis , Perché lasciano la vita consacrata: un’indagine empirica, in Antonianum, 79/1 (2004) p. 79-100 .

Summary: There is a lack of clarity in regard to the main reasons, which might explain the massive exodus of Catholic clergy in the last 30 years. The .secularization thesis. and the .rational choice. theory compete to explain this exodus. Does the institution have a role to play in the crisis? In order to better understand the reasons for leaving, and test which theoretical model best explains the described crisis, an empirical survey is conducted, interviewing . with a questionnaire and an open narration . present members of the clergy who can offer data on some of the cases that they directly know about. Statistical methods help us arrive at some conclusions. The survey stresses the priority of demographic factors and the role played by affective problems in this process.

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