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Foto Paczkowski M. Celestyn , Girolamo e la polemica antiapollinarista, in Antonianum, 79/3 (2004) p. 473-504 .

Summary: Jerome was a disciple of Apollinaris of Laodicea and respected him as a biblical scholar, but in various polemical contexts he rejects Apollinaris. theological theses. The testimony of the Latin Father allows us to clarify principal points of Christological doctrine proposed by the Apollinarianists. It is necessary to consider his biblical and theological reflections in the peculiar religious context of Palestine, which preserved the traces of Jesus. life, death and resurrection. Jerome’s answer to the “new heresy” is developed from the point of view of traditional Christological doctrine, but principally his reflections contribute to a more precise understanding of the humanity of the Son of God. In some points of his exegetical works, the Latin Doctor insists that Christ possessed a soul capable of suffering from the passions and the desires of the body, though he did not commit sin. Jerome denounces, in only a limited way, the millenarism of Apollinaris in which, however, we are able to glimpse the inheritance of an exegetical tradition of the literal sense.

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