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Foto Manzano Isidoro , Ontología de la persona humana según Escoto, in Antonianum, 78/2 (2003) p. 321-356 .

Summary: Moving from a revision of the five traditional definitions of “person”, as proposed by Alexander of Hales, the essay tries to examine and develop the rich thought of John Duns Scotus in respect to this topic. This is accomplished in three chapters. The first tries to determine the place where the idea of .person. finds its own meaning, beyond the ontological and the categorial-cosmological realm, because the person extends beyond the individual entity. The second offers three different ways in which “person” is determined within Scotistic thought: a being who happens to a spiritual singular nature, that of a certain kind of independency, and as an incommunicable “existence”. The third part develops two possibilities of a person’s understanding: as original relationship, or as original entity. In both cases these extend beyond the ontological realm.

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