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Foto De Feo Francesco , Desiderio di giustizia nell'architettura poetica del salmo 58, in Antonianum, 77/4 (2002) p. 649-682 .

Summary: Despite the positive consideration that Psalm 58 enjoys, it gets little attention due to the obscurity of the text and the violence of the images used. The present study investigates the use of stile as vectors to express desire for justice. In this way, the same dynamic links the ideas expressed and the poetic procedures: the perversion of those responsible for administration of justice, the invocation to YHWH, the certitude of punishment and the joy of the pious man, convinced that there is a “just judge on earth”. The poetic architecture of the psalm, in its images, sounds, and other stylistic resources, not only transmits its content, but makes it more fascinating and involving.

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