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Foto Oviedo Lluís , Los errores historicos de la Iglesia en el contexto del debate apologetico. El arrepentimiento eclesial (II) , in Antonianum, 75/1 (2000) p. 41-81 .

Summary: This article tries to cope with the “historical errors” of the Church and to clarify the magisterial statements on repentance and regret through an  interdisciplinary approach. The problem is still the historical fallibility of the Church and how it affects the Church’s contemporary credibility. This second part focuses on three main topics: the relationship between christian faith and violence, the relevance of “collective guilt” and the theological way of approaching the question. From this last point of view are assessed the limits of an apologetic strategy, the recent contribution of the theology of history, the ecclesiological approach, and the use of the penitential code by the Pope. The study shows how these statements of repentance stress a more substantial view of history and reveals the difficulties in  identifying religion and christian faith; further, it represents a call for a deeper solidarity within the human race, a vindication of the unity of the Church through the centuries, and an affirmation of the regenerative capacity of penitence.

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