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Foto Berger David , Karl Rahners Gnadenlehre als Vermittlungsversuch zwischen Thomismus und Molinismus , in Antonianum, 75/1 (2000) p. 83-115 .

Summary: The German Jesuit Karl Rahner (1904-1984) has characterised himself frequently as a «Thomist». Starting from this characterization of himself this article analyzes, according to the doctrine of grace, the proximity of Rahner to Thomism more accurately. This analysis shows that Rahner’s doctrine of Grace  has its origin in the molinistic tradition. It was his tentative to bring this tradition – with the help of the philosophy of Maréchal – in accordance with Thomistic elements. At decisive points («supernatural existential», «anonymous christian», doctrine of predestination) Rahner’s doctrine of grace contradicts  the charitologic leitmotifs of Thomism of the strict observance. It thus runs the risk of promoting pelagianism on one hand and a doctrine of apocatastasis on the other. He who wishes to follow a balanced orthodox approach together with the catholic church  should prefer St. Thomas to Rahner.

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