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Foto Volgger David , Heilige, kanonische Schriften, in Antonianum, 75/3 (2000) p. 429-459 .

Summary: This article explores the formation of the Holy Canonical Scriptures of Judaism. Of importance was the new evaluation of the Holy Scriptures in the context of the Hellenistic rulers in favour of the Judaic people. The Holy Scriptures, when placed within the context of these letters, are seen as having, in some statements, a legal significance within the Judaic society. The written aspect of the traditions is thus emphasised. Judaic scribes contributed a lot to this development, because they had access to the written decrees of the rulers and to the written Judaic traditions. The Hellenistic influence on the formation of the Holy Canonical Scriptures can be presumed also because of the Judaic access to the big libraries as, for example, that of Alexandria. The Hellenistic library methodology seems to have influenced the way of dealing with the Holy Scriptures. Moreover the Judaic Holy Scriptures obtained their definite stamp from the integration of exile experience. The contact with other cultures and rulers is to be subordinated to the Judaic way of life, which, beginning from the time of the Maccabbean crisis saw a greater legal significance in certain aspects of the Holy Canonical Scriptures.

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