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Foto Jaeger David M. , Erezione di circoscrizioni ecclesiastiche orientali, in Antonianum, 75/3 (2000) p. 499-521 .

Summary: An analysis of the Conciliar and legislative texts of the Church shows that provision for the pastoral care and spiritual needs of Eastern-rite faithful in prevalently Latin-rite territory need not in every case be done through the establishment of separate ecclesiastical circumscriptions. Indeed the ordinary way to do so would be through - and within - the local (Latin-rite) Diocese, which, as the particular, localised, manifestation of the Catholic Church should be able to host faithful and communities of other rites too. Only where this is not possible or where there are serious enough reasons to choose differently, is a separate Eastern-rite particular Church to be established in the same territory, provided the requisites are present for the proper constitution of a particular Church. The nature of the particular Church, and the requirements for a genuine one, are therefore the first questions to be treated.

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