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Foto Calvo Moralejo Gaspar , El Espiritu santo, Cristo y Maria en la experiencia mística de la M. Angeles Sorazu (1873 – 1921) , in Antonianum, 74/2 (1999) p. 307-331 .

Summary: This article examines the doctrine of  Maria de los Angeles Sorazu, an important mystic, in order to get a better understanding of her mystical experience. The Holy Spirit is the Unknown God . He is the personification of that love which the Father and the Son profess towards each other.  He is the pure potentiality that unites the Father to the Son. He is ever present in the Incarnated Word and the santification of souls. Christ and the Holy Spirit are two wings that take us to the Father. Such action is particularly witnessed in Mary, especially in her divine maternity and in her co-operation in  salivific work for the Church.  This explains her continued and motherly intercession for the Church before the Holy Spirit.

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