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Foto Garuti Adriano , Primato del Vescovo di Roma e Dialogo Cattolico/Luterano, in Antonianum, 74/3 (1999) p. 379-430 .

SUMMARY: In this first part of the author's study, the question is approached by considering the Lutheran perspective on the primacy, within the wider context of Lutheran ecclesiology conditioned by its distinctive understanding of justification.  This is followed by a systematic analysis of the documents of the ecumenical dialogue, in which the principal ecclesiological positions reached in the dialogue (the relationship between justification and Church, the question of ministries and apostolic succession, the notion of the Church as communion) are considered in relation to the specific question of the primacy.  In a second part, a conclusive doctrinal evaluation of these positions will be given, also in light of the commentaries which have been produced on the documents of the ecumenical dialogue.

Martín Carbajo Núñez - via Merulana, 124 - 00185 Roma - Italia
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