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Foto Calvo Moralejo Gaspar , Preexistencia del verbo encarnado y Maria en la M. Angeles Sorazu (1873-1921) , in Antonianum, 73/2 (1998) p. 305-327 .

Summary: Mother Angeles Sorazu (1873-1921), Franciscan Conceptionist of Valladolid in Spain and one of the most outstanding mystics of our century.  The mystery of the word made man and the life of Mary constitute the foundations of her mystical experience and of her spirituality which is both instructive and stimulating on the eve of the Third Millennium.  The pre-existence of the incarnate Word and the presence of Mary in that decision of the divine plan is the aspect of her doctrine that is studied here, as an invitation to theologians to deepen their understanding of her teaching.  Theological reflection and mystical experience ought to interpenetrate one another.

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