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Foto Volgger David , 1 Makk 1: Der Konflikt zwischen Hellenen und Juden - Die makkabäische Reichspropaganda, in Antonianum, 73/3 (1998) p. 459-481 .

Summary: The foregoing investigation demostrates that the religious edict (Macc. 1:46) supposedly issued by Antichous Epiphanes IV, is a fictional product of the religious and dynastic propaganda. 1 (2) Macc shows the succes of the Maccabean revolt and the transferring of the high priest's dignity to the Maccabean dynasty as a religios phenomenon which is in accordance with the Torah. The betrayal of some proselyte Jews had finally provoked the conflict with Antiochus IV. This action of the Maccabees against those betrayers is also in accordance with the Torah of YHWH. The merely political-diplomatic relations of the Maccabees with the rising world power, Rome, form the background for the anti-Seleucid polemics of the books of the Maccabees.

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