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Foto Morisi Marzia , Per l'origine dell'apocalittica: dall'ambivalenza delle nozze miste greche all'ambiguitā delle nozze miste giudaiche, in Antonianum, 73/3 (1998) p. 483-504 .

Summary: This article presents a comparison between the Olympian Greek religious environment (as presented in the Theogony esiodea and in the Catalogue of Women works from the VIIth to the VIth century BC) and that of the first Jewish Apocalyptic (as appears in the most ancient strata of Enoch’s Book of Vigilants, chpts. 6-7.) It refers to the common reasons for mixed marriages between gods and humans in the Greek environment; and between angels and women in that of the Jewish. The aim is verify, if it can be verified, whether the Greek material had some influence on the Jewish and, consequently, whether Greek thought may have contributed in some way to the formation of specifically apocalyptic thought. At the conclusion of the comparison, therefore, one can affirm that, if there was a “passage” of Greek material relative to mixed marriages and to the offspring generated in the Jewish environment, nevertheless, the author of the first chapters of the most ancient apocalyptic writing known to us, the Book of Vigilants, has re-elaborated and transformed such material in a unique way. From the ambivalence of the Greek mixed marriages he has, in fact, passed to the ambiguity of Jewish ones. This, in order to respond both to internal needs of the Jewish spirit of the time and probably, also, to actively confront the danger that through mixed marriages between Jews and Greeks, there might have begun a slow infiltration of Greek customs and religion. Such an infiltration would have gradually brought about a true and proper hellenisation of the Jewish religion.



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