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Foto Manhica Alfredo , Il “nuovo umanesimo” nel pensiero di Frantz Fanon., in Antonianum, 86/1 (2011) p. 95-111 .

Summary: Manhiça Alfredo analyses Frantz Fanon’s thought by inquiring into the roles that  theWestern philosophy and the Christian Faith played during the historical period of the encounter between the Western civilization and the various African realities. A citizen of Martinique, a descendant of the slaves brought from West Africa to the “New World” to work in sugar cane plantations, Fanon, in his capacity as a philosopher, as a psychiatrist and as a scholar of politics – the theorist of the anti-colonial liberation movements, in the decade 1960-1970 - exercised much influence through his writings, not only on African liberation movements, but also on all others fightersing for freedom in those days, throughout the world. Fifty years after Fanon’s denunciation of the inconsistency of theWestern philosophy and of the Christian Doctrine, Manhiça – in addition to examining Fanon’s criticism - also inquires into the role played by contemporary philosophy and the Christian Faith in the new forms of alienations.

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