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Foto Melone Mary , L’universalitā dell’azione salvifica dello Spirito: una prospettiva medievale. Terza parte: il De missione Spiritus sancti di Riccardo di S.Vittore, in Antonianum, 87/2 (2012) p. 281-299 .

Summary: By evaluating the sermon of Richard of S. Victor, De missione Spiritus Sancti, the route of research on the pneumatological meaning of Sap 1,7 ends. Richard’s contribution is particularly important, because he takes up the previously raised issues by processing them within an overall project, in which the three actions of the Wisdom verse make up a profession of faith in the Holy Comforter, because He is omnipresent, Protector, because He is Almighty, Master because He is omniscient. The culmination of this course will focus on his saving action in the existence of man, the fruit of God’s selfless love.

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