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Foto Oviedo Lluis - Jaeger David M.A., Discerning Lacunae in Church Governance: Organisational, Juridical and Theological Aspects, in Antonianum, 87/3 (2012) p. 521-548 .

Summary: The awareness of limits and failures in Church management in the last decades, wijely denounced in the media, motivates a theological and juridical reflection aiming to cope with the rising challenges and to offer stimulus for possible corrections. ‘Organisational failure’ is a well known process in social studies offering a clue to start the analysis. Moving on, theology appears as more directly involved; some particular points deserve more attention: the sin in the Church; idealistic and realistic ecclesiologies; the need of external assistance; and the calls for transparency and new dynamism. Specific juridical aspects are considered in the light of the accumulated experiences, to show weaknesses in the system and to propose lines of solution.

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