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Foto Susini Mirella , La “scrittura” teologica di Christophe Lebreton, monaco trappista di Tibhirine (Algeria). Una lettura sapienziale dell’incontro tra Gesù e la Samaritana (Gv 4,1-42) , in Antonianum, 88/1 (2013) p. 131-167 .

Summary: This article presents, first of all, a precise synthesis of Lebreton’s theological style, characterized by originality and fruitfulness, rooted both in a martyr’s vocation and in literary and artistic genius. There emerges therefore an harmonious interlacing between “theology” and “biography”, a horizon of meaning, in which there resides the justification, both methodologically and content-wise, for the central and longer part of the article. Here the results are expounded of an exact interpretive reading, of a sapiential nature, of one of Lebreton’s biblical commentaries. This reading of the commentary on the account in St. John’s Gospel of Jesus’s encounter with the Samaritan Woman, a commentary prevalently written according to the method of “lectio divina”, makes it possible to appreciate some of the principal themes of that harmonious “theological thought” of the mature Lebreton, among which there stands out a fecund theology of love and relationship.

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