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Foto Martinez Fresneda, Francisco , La filiaciķn divina de la historia humana, in Antonianum, 84/2 (2009) p. 347-375 .

Summary: The Incarnation of the Word make it possible for the creation, humanity and the person to become “new” realities being structured according to the identity of the Son of God. The New Testament expresses this by speaking of “the new Heavens and the new Earth” (Apocalypse 21,2; 2 Peter 3,13). God renews in Christ all that exists, in accordance with the Father-Son relationship. Leaving aside the “filiation” of the Cosmos and of the individual person, this essay concentrates on the “filiation” of humankind. It reports what is rationally known of the origin of the human being, his culture and his history, and relates it to the history of salvation, centred on freedom and love. It then offers St. Francis of Assisi as the Christian model that replaces the structures of power by the structures of love that God reveals in the history of Jesus.

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