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Foto Buffon Giuseppe , Dalle soppressioni alla rinascita: il sine proprio nella prospettiva di una <>, in Antonianum, 72/2 (1997) p. 267-301 .

Summary: The article initially defines the meaning of an analysis of the period of suppressions seen as a an antecedent to the relaunch ofreligious Ufe. It demonstrates, when considering the cri­sis of religious Ufe in the 19th century, one should exaggerate neither the impórtame of the secu-larisation laws ñor that of the anticlerical movement, which sponsored the parliamentary votes giving rise to this ¡egislation. Also one should avoid the temptation of considering the suppressions asaproblem ofreligious Ufe in the 19th century. In the last analysis the documentation concerning the dispersed friars after the confiscation of their convenís, especially in Italy, gives us a «proof bank» against which we can verify the continuity ofsome valúes in religious Ufe from the Anden régime into modernity. The relationship with money - one of the fundamental points around which many ofthe debates pertinent to Franciscan identity revolved - represents an excellent touchsto-ne for the Ufe of 19th century Franciscans. The parliamentary debates on mendicant poverty, the transformations of economic policy and the emergence of Franciscan studies within the liberal movement at the end ofthe 19th century are the background to the intemal problems ofthe Order.

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