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Foto Todisco Orlando , L'io e l'altro secondo G. Duns Scoto e E. LÚvinas, in Antonianum, 71/2 (1996) p. 265-306 .

SUMMARY: - The research is dealt with in three sections: (1) Analysis of « volo ut sis » of Scotus with specific reference to the nature of « voluntas iustitiae », as the place of relation­ship, which every individual is called to establish with the other beyond self, in the overcoming of the logic of « voluntas commodi ». (2) Synthesis of the main implications of ethics as « phi-losophia prima » according to Levinas, as a privileged passage towards the transcendence and defence of the incomprehensible richness of the other insofar as other. (3) Individuation of possible convergences, besides the evident divergencies, between the two views, both of which are concerned with protecting the undefended face of the other insofar as other.

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