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Foto Garuti Adriano , Ancora a proposito del Papa Patriarca d'Occidente , in Antonianum, 70/1 (1995) p. 31-45 .

Summary: The author takes as his point of departure several criticisms in reviews of his book II Papa Patriarca d'Occidente? Studio Storico Dottrinale (Bologna, 1993), not so much to reite­rate his thesis but to examine more closely a few ecclesiological issues which emerged in the revie­ws themselves. In particular, he takes up the themes of the ecumenical compass of the councils of the second millennium, of the subsistence of the one Church of Christ in the Catholic Church, and of the identification of the Catholic Church with the universal Church in light of the concept of the Church as communion with its implications for the ecumenical dialogue. In the final se­ction the author offers an evaluation of the proposals made by F.R. Gahbauer to consider thepen-tarchy as a model of Church government.

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