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Foto Cardellini Innocenzo , ź Possessio ╗ o ź dominium honorum ╗? Riflessioni sulla proprietÓ privata e la ź rimessa dei debiti ╗ in Levitico 25, in Antonianum, 70/3-4 (1995) p. 333-348 .

SUMMARY: The author of this study has in mind the evaluation of the conception of « do­minium bonorum » in GS n. 1555 in the light of O.T. data, and, more precisely, of O.T. ju­ridical texts, with a particular consideration of Lev 25. Notwithstanding the socio-cultural and economic diversity of the world, it is, however, possible to draw theological principles, which are valid today. Above all dominates the fundamental principle that the earth, given to man as a gift by God, is given to him as an usufruct (on this principle is founded the right of proper­ty), but the earth belongs to God. It is the characterising fact of the O.T., facing the various old Middle Eastern testimonies, which the author brings forth abundantly.

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