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Foto Manzano Isidoro , La ontica dŔi acto beatifico segun Escoto, in Antonianum, 68/4 (1993) p. 526-562 .

SUMMARY: The author proposes an explanation of beatitudine according to Scotus. His aim is not only to determine the essential nature of the beatific act in se, but rather the general environment in which it is understood, that is, in an environment of personal fulfillment, of freedom and friendship. To achieve his goal, the author, first considers how things stand among the Scotists of to­day. He then develops a second point in which he considers some important moments in Sco­tus' thought which become presuppositions for a Scotist understanding of the beatific act. To begin with, he develops the Scotist understanding of the double mode of action, «natu-ral» and free, as disjunctive within the action. Secondly, he develops the Scotist theory of passage from «virtual act» to «formal act», which is not to be confused with the passage of «potency to act». Thirdly, he develops the Scotist understanding of the meaning of affectio commodi and of affectio justitiae, and amor concupiscentiae and amor amicitiae. In his second main point, the author develops the idea that Scotus puts forward of the beati­fic act as «vision» of God, most noble operation, of God insofar as he fulfills the total recep­tive capacity of man as a superior «unum bonum brutum» and above all insofar as man es­tablishes a «super-friendship» with God in which he remains 'free'. A «super-friendship» the root of which is beatitude. In his third main point the author summarises some of the more important moments in the Scotist understanding of the beatific act and undertakes an evaluation with a view to charac­terising the Scotist system.

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