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Foto Nobile Marco , La Pasqua del re Ezechia (2 Cr 30) , in Antonianum, 67/2-3 (1992) p. 177-197 .

SUMMARY: The episode narrated by 2Cr 30, the paschal celebration on the part of King Ezechias, has not yet received a satisfactory interpretation. Some attach to it a historical value, others deny it. The present study intends to make an ulterior checkout to the pro­blem, offering a contribution towards its solution. The problem is not solved on the basis of an option in favour or against the authenticity of the text, but rather on the departure from a methodological premise that should give a priority role to the theological-literary project of the chronistic compiler. It is only in this picture that one can attain an adequate interpreta­tion of the Ezechian pasch, and, as a corollary, it is only within the redactional framework of the Chronicler that one can obtain not only a historical information in a sense to us contem­porary, but also a theological statement on history.

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