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Foto Nobile Marco , Il valore strutturante e teologico di swb e ysb nel libro di Osea, in Antonianum, 67/4 (1992) p. 472-491 .

SUMMARY: The present study, although conducted some years ago, still maintains the vali­dity of a contribution towards the methodical discussion of biblical exegesis of that time and today (the debate remains invariably vivacious).The assumption, from which the author departs, is that the biblical text should not be read only in the «classical» way, separating the textual material from its literary identity, but also with a new exegetic approach. This latter approach consists in having a preferential conside­ration for the literary nature of the biblical text and, consequently, in studying it starting from the criteria offered by modern linguistic-literary sciences. A specimen of such test is the boo­klet of Osea. Such prophetical work, over and above the many problems foreseen and pre­sented by the historical-critical analysis, offers its own unified editorial configuration, ade­quately accessible through linguistic criteria, and, particularly, through poetics of the genera­tive processes of a literary text. The historical-critical exegesis is not at all eliminated, but ra­ther receives a lively complement.

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