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Foto Oppes Stéphane , Note di fra’ Gabriele Allegra al progetto di dichiarazione del Capitolo generale del 1973. La vocazione dell’ordine oggi., in Antonianum, 84/3 (2009) p. 515-529 .

Summary: On the eve of the 1973 General Chapter of the Order of Friars Minor, the Servant of God Friar Gabriel M. Allegra, at the request of his Minister Provincial, commented briefly on the draft Declaration for that Chapter to consider regarding The Vocation of the Order Today, which came to be known also as the Document of Voreppe. In preparing for the celebration of the eighth centenary of the Order, the Declaration of the 1973 Chapter was taken up for study and discussion at the Extraordinary General Chapter of 2006. This document having thus proven of enduring significance, there is being published here the brief comment on the same by Fr. Allegra, who points to its bright spots as well as the dark ones, in referring to the often bitter discussions in those years of profound transformation.

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