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Foto Nobile Marco , Teologie e Teologia nella Bibbia: pluralismo di pensiero e sistema teologico , in Antonianum, 66/4 (1991) p. 469-481 .

SUMMARY — The text of the present paper tackles, within the framework of the pro­blems treated in a symposium on «theological pluralism*, the question concerning the pre­sence of various and at times contradictory theological models in the Bible. In the first part of the study, an examination is made of certain models deriving from the Old Testament, where an intermingling of theological trends and systems is observed. The second part deals with the importance of the same phenomenon in the New Testament: this examination is im­portant to the end of obtaining the right scientific criteria for the biblical foundation of a theological work (ecclesiology, ethics). In the conclusive part of the article, the author takes into account the results obtained from his research: both the Old and the New Testament mediate the revealed truth through diverse formulations, which reflect not only the different feeling from one era to another, but also the complex feeling within the same historical pe­riod.

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