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Foto Tonna Ivo , La źpars intellectiva╗ dell'anima razionale non Ŕ la forma del corpo. (Dottrina di Pierre Jejan-Olieu [Olivi] sull'unionetra anima e corpo) , in Antonianum, 65/2-3 (1990) p. 277-289 .

Summary — The author studies attentively the various texts of the « Quaestiones » containing Olivi's psychologic teaching concerning the union of body and soul in man and arrives to the conclusion that the Franciscan thinker was not condemned by the Council of Vienne (1311-12). An attempt is made to determine the genuine mind of Olivi when he asserts that the « pars intellectiva » of the rational soul is not the form of the human body. Taken into account that the terminology is not always all that clear, Olivi's thought can be summed up as follows: the rational soul is composed of three powers (vegetative, sensitive, intellective); of these the first two are the direct and immediate forms of the body; the third is united to the body through the mediation of the former two.

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