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Foto Guzmān Manzano Isidoro , El principio de causālidad parcial de Escoto , in Antonianum, 65/2-3 (1990) p. 290-311 .

Summary — In the first part of this work the Author makes evident Scotus's frequent use of the enunciated principle and endeavours to bring together the dispersed elements in order to give a unified theoretical understanding of the same principle. He examines its originality and the importance it has not only in itself but also in its contribution to a better understanding of Scotus's thought. In the second part he seeks to correlate this principle with other fundamental truths in the teaching of Scotus, such as his preferential attitude towards the concrete/individual. A being acts insofar as it is «hoc», the significance of the « contingent » nature of created reality arguing from the assumption that it had been created by God « per viam libertatis », without neglecting the refe­rence he makes to the capacity of this principle to explain coherently the phenomenon of « evolution ». Such an explanation cannot be made through the medium of a « subordinate » concept of causality in the traditional sense.

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