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Foto Volgger David , Tamar, Rut und Dtn 25,5-10. Drei biblische Wendepunkte, in Antonianum, 84/2 (2009) p. 235-250 .

Summary: The Old Testament institution of the Levirate (from the Latin for brother-in-law) is linked above all to these three texts:: the narrative of Tamar in Gn 38, the law found in Dt 25, 5-10, the Book of Ruth (especially chapter 4). Even though these three refer to this institution in different ways, this study sets out to accentuate the common characteristics of the three texts. Thus it is shown that at the origin of each one is the death of an Israelite, a physical death that threatens to become total extinction in the absence of a descendant able to keep up worthily in Israel the memory of the dead man. This study thus interprets the texts of Gn 38, Dt 25, 5-10 and Ruth 4, in this order, demonstrating thereby how the disaster that is death is being limited, and life regains the place due to it in Israel.

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