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Foto Solares Cristóbal , Los principales desafíos del psicólogo contemporáneo: la alteridad, la creatividad y la interdisciplinariedad, in Antonianum, 84/2 (2009) p. 251-262 .

Summary: The Author proposes a theory of otherness, or rather of the reality of the other, whereby it is the "thou" and not the "I" that is at the centre of the psychotherapeutic relationship, and this as a constitutive anthropological premise, which marks the point of departure of an integral praxis. He presents the challenge of creativity as an urgent need in the task of forming and training the new generations of mental health professionals. He then highlights the need to put together an interdisciplinary method for research and dialogue so that the human sciences may give their proper contribution, and that the psychologists may overcome the risks of "psychologism".

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