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Foto Kopiec Maksym Adam , Il fenomeno delle religioni e la loro presenza nell’economia della salvezza , in Antonianum, 84/2 (2009) p. 263-301 .

Summary: The article sets out to offer a Christian theological perspective of the phenomenon of religions and their place in the Divine design of the universal salvation. That account is possible in the light of the Revelation completed definitively in Jesus Christ. In the first part there are presented the theological assumptions that make the religions the subject of Christian theological reflection. The second part is dedicated to the description of the religions and proposes affirmative answers to the question as to what meaning may be attributed to them in relation to the order of salvation, while affirming throughout the eschatological and unique mediation of Christ in God’s saving plan. Finally it proposes what would be an adequate attitude for Christians in relation to the religions of humankind, and what kinds of cooperation are possible among people of different religions in the today’s society.

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