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Foto Vàzquez Janeiro Isaac , Dónde nació Fray Diego Valencia, poeta del Cancionero de Baena? , in Antonianum, 64/2-3 (1989) p. 366-397 .

Summary — The franciscan Diego of Valencia, theologian and poet of the Cancio­nero de Baena refers to his native country in the verse « Yo menos que maestro, pero de Valencia ». Since within the kingdom of Leon — to which he undoubtedly belonged — there were at least five countries with the same name of Valencia, the question naturally arises:  to which one of these he was actually referring? Departing from the premise that « maestro » is here equivalent not to a « doc­tor »  but  to  a  «maestre»  or  superior  of  a  Military  Order,   and  relying  on historical and literary arguments, the author proposes his opinion that Diego intended to  signify  not,  certainly,  Valencia   de  Don  Juan  —  as   it  has been lepeatedly bequeathed to us  for more than  a century — but  most probably Valencia  of  Alcantara which was  under  the  domination  of  the  Order of Al­cantara. Two other verses of the author,  « Por Alcantara regido  /  el mundo sea muy ancho », which are also here examined, tend to render the proposed opinion   more   credible.

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