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Foto Vàzquez Janeiro Isaac , Anticristo' « mixto », Anticristo « mistico ». Varia fortuna de dos expresiones escatológicas medievales , in Antonianum, 63/4 (1988) p. 522-550 .

Summary — Starting from the renowned Franciscan Pierre Jean-Olieu (Olivi) (f 1298), a typical forerunner of the biblical Antichrist emerges from medieval eschatological literature, namely a first Antichrist, pointed out by the sources with the one or the other of these two terms indistinctly: « misticus- mysticus » and «mixtus-mistus». The great scholar R. Manselli, considering them as opposed terms or, at least, as different terms, retained as valid that of « misticus-mysticus » and coined that of « mixtus-mistus » as an error of some transcriber or typographer. In the present study: 1) information is given of a document yet unknown which makes the use of the term « mixtus-mistus » go back to the beginning of the XVth century; 2) it is observed that « misticus » (with an i) and « mixtus-mistus » have the same derivation (from miscere = « to mix ») and the same meaning; 3) finally, one concludes that « mixtus-mistus » and « misticus » (not mysticus) express indistinctly and precisely « the concept» of the first Anti-Christ, whom all the sources in full agreement represent as a hypocritical character, a simulator,  mixed with iniquity and virtue.

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