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Foto Herman Zvonimir I. , Saggio esegetico sul Ģ giā e non ancora ģ escatologico in Rm 8 , in Antonianum, 62/1 (1987) p. 26-84 .

Summary — Rm 8 is the pauline chapter containing much more than the others, soteriological expressions that throughout centuries had great influence not only on the presentation of the Apostle's theology but also on the soteriology in general itself. It is interesting to notice that the exegetical studies, until now, pay less attention to Rm 8 than to the other chapters of the Letter. For the A. of this exegetical research, it seems that in the context of Rm 8, it lacks above all a detailed study on that fundamental soteriological tensions that has been called, after O. Cullmann, the « already » and the « not yet» of the soteria. Consequently, in this study, in taking account of the present state of the exegetic re­search, the A. attempts to determine, exegetically, which soteriological categories have been adopted in Rm 8 to express, at the same time, the « already » and the « not yet » of the salvation.

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