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Foto Conti Martino , La via della beatitudine e della rovina secondo il Salmo 1 , in Antonianum, 61/1 (1986) p. 3-39 .

Summary. — As a result of the antithetical and chiastic parallelism (a b b' a'), the figures of the righteous man and of the wicked man in Ps 1 illuminate each other reciprocally. Of the righteous man it is said that he prospers (verse 3), because he stands in a saving relationship to God (verses 1-2); of the wicked man, that he perishes, because he lives immersed in evil and totally separated from that which is good (verses 4-5). In his conclusion the Psalmist offers the theological reason for the prospering of the righteous (verse 6a) and for the ruin of the wicked (verse 6b). The author highlights the type of reading of Ps 1 that is found in Lk 21,36 and in Mt 7,13-14, and points out that in the liturgical context of the Church the horizon of this same Psalm is broadened and is charged with escatological and universal content.

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