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Foto Zavalloni Roberto , Fattori e modalitā di sviluppo del comportamento morale, in Antonianum, 61/2-3 (1986) p. 434-467 .

Summary. — By analysing the resarches of psychologists and anthropo-loigsts into the moral development of individuals, this article highlights the fact that such changes as come about with age are not products of an automatic process of growth to maturity, but are in fact influenced by socio-cultural factors. Analysed are J. Piaget's original researches into moral development, as well as recent experiments with a view to their verification, above all those of L. Kohlberg. Particular attention is paid to the importance of both environmental and parental influence on moral development. The intention has been to offer a synthesis and a critical evaluation of the studies and researches in this field, not so much in order to report on their results, as in order to indicate rather the methods that have been followed and which admit of further application and experimen­tal verification.

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