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Foto Herman Z.I. , Giustificazione e perdono in Romani 3,21-26 , in Antonianum, 60/2-3 (1985) p. 240-278 .

Summary: This five-part article proposes to examine exegetically — as part of a continuing discussion within contemporary research — the aspect of justification as «present », in the context of the complex pericope of Rom 3,21-26. The strongly antithetical structu­ring of the text (which seems to reflect the salvific experience of Paul himself, before and after his «conversion») is prevalently based on the use of several key terms, which, echoing some of the principal soteriological themes of the Old Testament, serve as counterweight to the « now » of the gratuitous justification that is open to all believers of all times, thanks to the death of the Messiah, seen by Paul as the yom kippur and the kapporeth par excellence of the history of salvation. Even though some elements of 3,24-26a may go back to a pre-Pauline tradition, there are still lacking suf­ficient arguments for an affirmation that the Apostle here simply took up a pre-existing tradition.

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