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Foto Kopiec Maksym Adam , Il fondamento della fede e la sua ragionevolezza. , in Antonianum, 83/3 (2008) p. 419-450 .

Summary: This articles partecipates in current theological research on faith, seeking to highlight its nature and its constitutive elements. Being the condition of any authentic attitude of the human person in relation to God, faith leads to the full realisation of those qualities that make of the human a personal being, such as reason, freedom, love. It is thus that faith can demonstrate its reasonableness, in being that form of personal activity that, of its very nature, cannot prescind from reason, but must rather exercise it. The article begins with a description of the problematics, goes on to describe the contemporary context, in which the discussion is taking place - dealing also with the attempts to deny faith, and arrives at an analysis of the subject of faith from an anthropological and a theological perspective. It concludes with a synthesis that offers some fundamental conclusions, which in turn may be useful for a subsequent study.

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